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February 11, 2014

Sonardyne Sentinel provides rapidly-deployable underwater security

Maritime security company Sonardyne International Ltd. has successfully completed the installation of a Sentinel Intruder Detection System (IDS) onboard a drilling rig operating in an undisclosed offshore oil field in the Middle East. The system has beendeployed to protect the platform against thethreat of attack from underwater intruders.Sentinel is developed to meet the underwater security requirements of private, commercial, government and naval end users. The system detects, tracks and classifies divers and small underwater vehicles approaching a protected asset from any direction and alerts security personnel to the potential threat.

Puradyn launches bypass oil filtration system

The Puradyn TF-240 extends oil drains by filtering solid contaminants to below 1 micron, while trapping gaseous, and liquid contamination, and maintaining the oil’s viscosity and chemical balance, thereby safely extending oil drain intervals. The Puradyn System provides microfiltration for engines with an oil capacity of up to 85 gal. (322L) and can be used in multiples on engines that hold amounts of lubricating oil in excess of 400 gal. (1500L).

Tenaris designs new connection for GOM

The TenarisHydril Wedge 623 connection was developed to comply with recent changes in deepwater operating requirements in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM). Suitable for deepwater and high-pressure applications, the new design features metal-to-metal pressure seals with tested compression ratings of 80-86% efficiency in an integral connection. Both the internal and external pressure seals maintain gas-sealing capability under high axial loads and comply with API RP96 for deepwater applications. Tenaris recently announced that Shell will use Wedge 623 connections in its Olympus tension leg platform in the Mars field, located in 914m of water in the GOM. The Wedge 623 tested under the ISO 13679 CAL I-E protocol along with operator requirements for survival loads.

SRI International's underwater mass spectrometer couples with AUV

SRI International announces its in-situ membrane introduction mass spectrometry (MIMS) device successfully integrated into Bluefin Robotics’ Bluefin-12 autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV). Most underwater analytical equipment is tethered to a surface vessel. The unique capabilities of the SRI MIMS device integrated into the Bluefin-12 AUV platform addresses complex survey and data collection challenges associated with ocean monitoring and exploration. It can continuously measures volatile gases, light hydrocarbons, and organic compounds. The SRI MIMS also reduces operational risk, and increases data quality.

Scottish firm creates £20 software platform

Scottish firm C3global launched its new 12th-generation software okatform, Amulet Predictive Analytics. Since the Amulet was introduced in 1996, C3global has invested over £20 million in developing a future-gazing web-based application. C3global chief executive David Smith said: “Amulet Predictive Analytics complements other software to extract data from operational processes, quickly analyze it and feed it back into the process to improve outcomes. By doing this, it gives people insight to solve real-world problems.”

Amulet Predictive Analytics has been developed for use in C3global’s core sectors - oil and gas, utilities, manufacturing, refrigeration, power distribution and sustainability.