Solutions OE March 2014

OE Staff

April 2, 2014

MAN compressor installed offshore

MAN Diesel & Turbo in Zurich was awarded a contract to deliver a HOFIM (high-speed, oil-free, integrated motor) compressor to Det norske oljeselskap ASA. It is MAN’s first hermetically-sealed compressor to be installed on an offshore production platform. The compressor will process gas produced from the the Ivar Aasen field in the Norwegian North Sea to shore.

The HOFIM compressor features a high-speed motor and active magnetic bearings. The absence of the dry gas seal system and of the complete oil system reduces the complexity and this leads to the improved system reliability.

Flowrox announces new product to manage pipeline scaling

Industrial valve manufacturer and service provider Flowrox introduced the Flowrox Scaling Watch, designed to precisely measure scale in pipelines and other fluid control environments. The Flowrox Scaling Watch is a wafer piece of pipeline, inserted between two flanges, that allows the detection of scale, hardened mineral deposits that can reduce the flow of fluids through a pipeline.

The device uses electrical capacitance tomography (ECT) technology, which allows operators to see inside piping systems without stopping the process or opening up the pipeline. It enables 3D-imaging and measurement of nonconductive media inside process pipelines and tanks. ECT utilizes a patented algorithm that creates a 3D image of the process fluid in the piping and generates trend data and also calculates free volume inside the pipe and the growth rate of the scale over time.

North Atlantic Drilling selects

GE BOPs for semisub upgrades Offshore drilling contractor North Atlantic Drilling (NAD) purchased two GE Oil & Gas SeaONYXTM blowout preventer (BOP) control systems, upgrading control spreads onboard NAD’s semisubmersible West Venture and drillship West Navigator.

The SeaONYX BOP control system extends system availability by incorporating multiple redundancies and hot-swappable components to keep operations online. In addition to improved uptime, SeaONYX is a keystone of GE’s predictive drilling management technology, which helps drillers to address issues before they occur.

The SeaONYX BOP control system is available as an upgrade to existing GE BOP controllers and is included in all new GE Oil & Gas BOP stacks for floating drilling rigs.

PPE develops elastomer sealing solution

Precision Polymer Engineering has developed EnDura E90SR, a new ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) elastomer material that provides high-temperature steam resistance.

EnDura E90SR is available as O-rings, T-seals, and custom-molded geometries and is used in pumps, valves, turbines, geothermal tools and drilling equipment.

It can withstand temperatures to 550˚F and high pressures, and is resistant to rapid gas decompression. It can be used in anaerobic high-temperature environments, such as those encountered in geothermal and enhanced oil recovery applications.

Maersk chooses Tenaris

Maersk Oil Angola selected the TenarisHydril Blue connections for the 9 5/8-in production casing in its Chissonga 4 well offshore Angola. Tenaris reported nearly 214 joints of Blue connections were used in running the 9 5/8-in string.

Offering a 100% pipe body rated seal, the TenarisHydril Blue is designed specifically for deepwater, challenging environments and high-pressure, high-temperature drilling. Its parabolix seal contact pressure profile minimizes galling risk and improves sealing performance stability.

Its internal and external pressure metal seal is also 100% rated.

SeaBotix introduces ROV system

SeaBotix containerized delivery system (CDS) is a self-contained, singlepoint- pick observation ROV system. With depth ratings to 4000m, it can be used for deepwater observation or light-duty work. CDS can be operated by two persons from a vessel as small as 40m.

CDS can maneuver deepwater with a variety of sensors such as sonar, high-resolution cameras, grabbers and more. All components, including the control room, are housed in a single container for efficient mobilization.