The biggest oil and gas discoveries

OE Staff

December 1, 2014

With help from experts Infield and Gaffney Cline & Associates, OE compiled a list of the biggest oil and gas discoveries in the last 12 months, and of the last 10 years.

The year’s top oil discovery: Gila (Gulf of Mexico)

In December 2013, BP, and partner ConocoPhillips, celebrated a find at the deepwater Gila prospect in the US Gulf of Mexico. The well penetrated multiple Paleogene-aged reservoir sands. Gila was drilled by Seadrill’s semisubmersible rig West Capricorn to a total depth of 29,221ft. Infield places the discovery at 300MMbbl of oil reserves and 300 Bcf of gas reserves. The Gila discovery resides in Keathley Canyon Block 93, about 300mi southwest of New Orleans, in 4900ft of water. BP holds 80% interest in Gila while partner ConocoPhillips holds the remaining 20%. Gila sits 25mi west of BP’s 2009 4-6billion bo Tiber discovery in Keathely Canyon block 102.

This year’s top gas discovery: Mronge (Tanzania)

Also in December 2013, Statoil, along with partner ExxonMobil, touted a fifth discovery in offshore block 2, off Tanzania. The Mronge-1 well contained 2-3 Tcf of natural gas, by Statoil’s estimations, bringing total in-place volumes to 17-20 Tcf in Block 2. Drilled by Transocean’s Discoverer Americas drillship, the Mronge-1 well discovered gas at two separate levels. The main accumulation is at the same stratigraphic level as proven in the Zafarani-1 well in Block 2. The Zafarani-1 discovery was made in 2012 and was a play opener for the block. Statoil operates the licence on Block 2 on behalf of Tanzania Petroleum Development Corp. (TPDC) with 65% working interest. Partners ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Tanzania Ltd hold the remaining 35%.

Source: Infield Systems