FPSOs: On the horizon

OE Staff

January 1, 2016

While the oil price has sucked much wind out of the sails of the FPSO industry, work must go on.  And there are still quite a few projects lined up from 2016-2018. Infield Systems presents this list of conversion and newbuild construction projects.

FPSOs currently under conversion

FPSO Name Tanker conversion/refurbishment Installation year Location

Aje FPSO (Phase 1) (Ex Front Puffin)




Atlanta EWT FPSO (Petrojarl 1)

Refurb 2016 Brazil

Buzios P74 FPSO

Tanker Conversion

2017 Brazil

Buzios P75 FPSO

Tanker Conversion 2019 Brazil

Buzios P76 FPSO

Tanker Conversion 2017 Brazil

Cabaca FPSO (East Hub 15/06) Armada Olombendo

Refurb 2017 Angola

Cameroon FLNG FPSO (GoFLNG Hilli)

Tanker Conversion 2017 Cameroon

Kaombo Norte FPSO (Block 32 GGC) (Ex Olympia)

Tanker Conversion 2017 Angola

Kraken FPSO (Ex Prisco Alcor)

Tanker Conversion 2017 UK

Lapa Pilot FPSO Cidade Caraguatatuba MV27

Tanker Conversion 2016 Brazil

Layang FPSO (Deep Producer 1) (Ex Laurita)

Refurb 2016 Malaysia

Libra EWT (Phase 1) FPSO (Ex Navion Norvegia

Tanker Conversion > 2017 Brazil

Lula Alto FPSO (Cidade de Marica)

Tanker Conversion 2016 Brazil

Lula Central FPSO (Cidade de Saquarema)

Tanker Conversion 2016 Brazil

South Pars (Oil) FPSO

Tanker Conversion 2017 Iran

Teluk Berau A FPSO Replacement (Brotojoyo)

Tanker Conversion 2015 Indonesia

TEN FPSO Mills MV25 (Tweneboa/Enyenra/Ntomme)

Tanker Conversion 2016 Ghana

Walker Ridge 508-A FPSO Stones (Turritella)

Tanker Conversion 2016 USA

Madura Strait BD FPSO (Armada Madura)

Tanker Conversion 2016 Indonesia


FPSOs currently under construction (newbuilds) 


Installation year Location 

Egina FPSO

2017 Nigeria

Ichthys FPSO

2016 Australia

Lula North P67 FPSO

2018 Brazil
Lula Sul P66 FPSO 2017


Moho Nord FPU Barge FPSO

2016 Congo (Brazzaville)

Petronas PFLNG-1 FPSO (Labuan)

2016 Malaysia

Petronas PFLNG-2 FPSO

2018 Malaysia


2016 Australia

Schiehallion FPSO-2 (Quad 204) (Glen Lyon)

2016 UK

Western Isles FPSO (Sevan 300)

2017 UK

Catcher FPSO

2017 UK

All data from Infield Systems.